If you’re not maximizing social media for your business or brand, you’re leaving too much on the table. Perhaps social media is the best innovation to happen to man after jollof rice. 😂😂

Whether it’s Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc, social media has become part of our everyday life. According to statistics, an average adult spends about 2hrs 30mins on social media every day.

Of course, that value varies based on the category of people you’re talking about. For example, teenagers spend a lot more time on social media than those in their mid-life.

The point is, social media makes it easier to reach more people and grow your business at little to zero cost.

With social media, you can 

  • raise awareness regarding your products and services, 
  • connect directly with your ideal audience,
  • build trust and influence, 
  • and generate sales.

Here are practical ideas to effectively leverage social media.

Define your audience 

The first thing you want to do to maximize social media is to define your target audience. Then focus more on platforms they use more often and platforms that suit your peculiar business.
If your business is selling fashion accessories to middle-class ladies within ages 25 – 35, you want to use more of Instagram. Then you can complement that with Whatsapp and Facebook.
You can post pictures of your products or even short videos.

Connect with people 

The clue to anything social media is to build relationships. Don’t just bombard people with your products and services. That’s why it’s called social media; it’s about connecting with people.
The best way to connect with people on social media is the remaining two points below.

Offer value

To get the best out of social media, you want to offer value – either you educate, entertain, inspire or engage with your audience in some way. It’s about sharing and caring.
The most followed handles on social media are built around any of the above.

If you’re into real estate, for example, you could share useful tips & tricks to buying a property; you could do a quiz and give out coupons to selected winners; you could ask a question and ask people to share their views.
Ideas on what you can do abound. Just observe what other influencer brands are doing on social media and also be as creative as possible.


Respond to questions, comments, requests and any kind of feedback on your social handles. Nobody likes to be ignored. If a bank doesn’t respond to your request, for example, you feel like telling the whole world how bad their customer service is.

Don’t make the same mistake. Let your audience feel your warmth. Let them know you care. Always be quick to respond to them.

I believe you got immense value. Have any questions? Feel free to ask.


Let’s discuss how we can help you leverage digital technology for your business. From designing your stunning website to optimizing your business for Google search, to running digital ads, to providing you customized digital consultancy, & much more, we are here to help you 10X your leads, sales, impact, and influence by leveraging digital technology.

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