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We are committed to helping small businesses and brands leverage digital media to build visibility, multiply their impact, and generate a steady stream of leads and sales.

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Digital Strategy

Our team of digital media consultants will help you craft and execute a digital strategy that is customized for your unique business/brand needs.

Website Design

Our team of experienced designers are experts at putting together websites that perfectly combines aesthetics, functionality and user-friendliness.

Email Marketing

If your business or organization doesn’t have an email list, you are leaving too much money on the table. Let’s help you implement an email marketing strategy that delivers desired results.

Social Media Management

We have a team of social media experts who can help manage your social media handles, and build your social audience.

Content Marketing

We have a team of content writers who understand how to effectively leverage content to build brand visibility, as well as generate leads and sales.

Search Engine Optimization

We understand that every business/brand wants to be found, particularly on search engines. Our SEO team will help you achieve that.

Digital Advertising

Our team of ad experts will help you optimize your budget to achieve the desired goal, whether it’s Facebook ads, or Google ads, or any other.

Digital Skills Training

We also offer customized digital skills training to individuals and organizations.

Let’s Serve You!

Our commitment to quality customer service, excellence and integrity are why our clients love and trust us.

Give your business the leap it deserves by taking advantage of our suite of digital services today.


Excellence, speed and an amazing attitude to work are what Barastreams led by Toni Olatunji brought to our website project. I would not flinch an eyelid in recommending him to anyone in need of their array of services.

Gbenga Rufai

Founder, Liberty Career Academy

Working with barastreams is indeed one of the best services I have enjoyed in terms of delivery and class. The website project was quick and most importantly classy, in terms of the colour combination and ability to interpret my mind as a customer. The site is also easy to use and navigate. They never get tired until you are satisfied. They ensure to deliver more than your pay because customer satisfaction is their watchword.

I enjoyed using Barastreams service because they also expose you to other opportunities for leveraging your website. I’m also glad and satisfied because none of my clients or website visitors ever gave a bad review.

Victoria A. Ogundele

Founder, Victoria Restored Minds

Barastreams Media team are one heck of marketers. They had rented a space in my mind so much that when I eventually needed a cutting-edge website design, they were top of the mind recall.

It was a job with an ultimatum which I didn’t believe they could meet but only decided to give them a trial. And they delivered in super amazing time.

They do more than just ICT, they made the ALLOTROPES book a PREMIUM brand.

Toba Babarinsa

Author, The Allotropes Book

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