One major concern for a lot of businesses is generating and increasing traffic to their website, blog, online store. Why? The more the traffic, the more the leads they can have; and the more the leads, the more the conversion and sales.

So here are 3 quick tips that you can use to grow your website traffic.

1. Optimize your website content for search

Optimizing your content especially so that search engines can clearly understand and classify them will go a long in ensuring that your website ranks high enough to be easily seen by potential buyers when they search on keywords that are particular to your business. The process of doing this is what is referred to as search engine optimization (SEO). Excellently using keywords that match your content will help a lot.

Don’t stuff your content with keywords; trying to cheat the system in the process. It never works! Search engines, especially Google, have come up with algorithms that ensure websites that stuff their contents with keywords end up further down the rankings and as such, these websites don’t get displayed among the top results for the prospect’s search.

The world has become like one small village since the advent of the internet.  You can now put your content in the reach of billions of people just by sharing them on social media.

2. Share on social media

It’s not enough to use SEO as only people who search on keywords relating to your content will get to see them. Using social share tools to amplify your website’s posts and the content will help put your content in the reach of people who might need them. The world has become like one small village since the advent of the internet.  You can now put your content in the reach of billions of people just by sharing them on social media and so generate more website traffic. You only need to know where to find your audience, pick the appropriate social media channels and share away. Also, engaging with your audience on these platforms will help them increase their trust in you; increasing the chances of them doing business with you.

Create giveaways. These will help attract more attention to your social media accounts. By using giveaways, you would be increasing your reach and as such, more and more people get to come in contact with your content. You could also use paid ads such as Facebook ads. With these, you could specify certain demographics you want to see your ads.

3. Use email marketing

Almost everyone has an email address these days and trust me, they receive emails every day. Why not take advantage of the number and technology. Today, with an opt-in bait that costs you next to nothing but is valuable to your target audience, you can get permission to send newsletters, post updates, content and even offers to quite a number of people. The people who accept your token would have had to submit their contact information, particularly the email address in this case.

As a result, you have a mail list that can now be turned from just leads to actual and consistent buyers through a sales funnel. You can send personalized messages to everyone on the mail list; ensuring that you are constantly delivering value to the people on the list and in turn, their trust in your business grows and as such, become loyal and consistent buyers of your products and services.

If you need help implementing any of the above for your business or brand, our team at Barastreams will be glad to help you. Talk to us today.

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