Gone are the days when people have to come to your physical office to meet with you or your business. Today, you can sit down in the corner of your room and get almost any information you need about a business or carry out business transactions on the internet. That’s the power of digital technology. That information you got or that business transaction was done through one website or the other. A website is simply an address on the internet, made up of any combination of texts, images, and multimedia (audio or video) content.

A blog is a special kind of website that is used to document and share the owner’s thoughts and ideas on a constant basis. Ever visited Linda Ikeji’s site or any of the online news site? Yeah, that’s a blog!

So how does all this concern you? A lot of ways.

Do you know that a lot of people in today’s digital age check your website long before deciding to do business with you?

Do you know a website can make life easier for you and your business, as well as expand your business reach?

What do they find when they search for your business/brand online?

Is your website functional, updated and optimized for mobile?

How well does your website portray your business/brand?

Your website is your digital brochure; and in today’s heavily connected world, it’s an essential component of your brand. Here are seven (7) hot tips for getting the best out of your website/blog:

1. Make it mobile-friendly

I go through some websites and I’m like, ‘what’s this, in this day and age?’ The website is like a blast from the past. On my mobile phone, the website is looking like a desktop site. 10 years ago, that might have been acceptable, but not today; not anymore. Your website must be built with mobile 1st in mind. Why? Because 75% of the users of your site will access it through their mobile devices.

2. Use eye-catching images

An image is worth a thousand words. Graphics is an essential part of the aesthetics of your site. From your homepage, a visitor should feel drawn into your site by its look and feel. Make sure your images best capture what you’re trying to communicate on the page or blog post.

Your website is your digital brochure; and in today’s heavily connected world, it’s an essential component of your brand.

3. Make navigation seamless from page to page

Think about the user. Make it easy for him/her to go from one page to another. Anticipate where a user is likely to go next from a particular page, and include a link that makes it easy to do so. If a page is long, consider having the navigation links at the footer or a sticky bar at the top or beside the page.

4. Add necessary functionalities to your site.

What exactly do you want the site to do? What do you want users to do on your site? You want them to subscribe to your list, buy a product, sign up for membership, download audios, engage you in a conversation, etc. The list is endless. There’s hardly any functionality you want to include on your site that you can’t have. Just tell your web developer what exactly you want and he will include it in putting the site together.

5. Write fresh contents consistently

If what you have is a blog, keep it fresh and updated with new articles on a consistent basis. That way, your readers have something new to look up to. Plus it’s very good for SEO (search engine optimization).

6. Include social share buttons in your blog posts

That way, readers can easily share with their friends on social media.

7. Use analytics on your site

This is necessary to help you keep track of how users interact with your site. It’s an essential part of SEO. The data you will get from analytics include: how many visitors visited your site per time, what pages they visit, where they come from (geographic location, social media links, etc), how well is your site achieving its conversion goals, and much more. With the data gathered, you can make necessary adjustments to what you do in other to get desired results.

So armed with this information, you now know what to tell your web developer, designer or manager, to get the best value for your money.

Hire us at Barastreams, and let’s help you put together a website/blog that meets your business needs and give your business the befitting branding.

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